Find A New Lawyer.

This section is in two parts.  The first part currently lists one law firm that practices Estate Law. Of course, there are other firms as well.  The second part offers some suggestions on how to find a new lawyer.  Be sure to also read Questions to Ask

Part One. A Law Firm that Practices Estate Law.


Cioffi, Slezak & Wildgrube P.C.
1473 Erie Boulevard, 1st Floor
Schenectady, NY  12305
(518) 377-6700
Contact:  Cristine Cioffi, Esq.

Part Two.  Sources of Information About Lawyers.

There are many sources of information about lawyers and their practices. The following are several I have found to be generally reliable over the years. Nothing will substitute for a direct interview of a new lawyer - see Questions to Ask.

  • Martindale - Hubbell. Perhaps the oldest directory of attorneys with extensive listings. Probably the most objective source, even though it is a subscription service for lawyers who wish to have full listings.
  • Findlaw, run by a large legal publisher.
  • New York State Bar Attorney Referral Service can recommend a lawyer, but it does not cover Albany County.  Lawyers list themselves, so not all lawyers are here; these tend to be younger lawyers.
  • The Albany County Bar Association runs its own referral service here.
  • The Estate Planning Council of Eastern New York is a membership organization of attorneys, accountants, financial planners and others.  You can view attorneys by selecting "Attorney" on the Directory, Member Directory drop-down list.

Please be cautious of sites other than those I mention above as many are paid sites that may have different standards - the prominence of the listing or attorney's ratings may be based upon payments by the lawyer, participation by the lawyer in answering questions posted on the site, or a lawyer's ability to convince other lawyers to vouch for him or her.  

Finally, remember that word of mouth can be valuable as well.