Time to Ride On:

On October 31, 2017, I retired from the practice of law. I am now just finishing two open Estates. 

If you have questions or need information, you may still contact me. Please understand that my response times may be slower than usual, but I will respond. E-mail is the best way to communicate with me, but you may leave a phone message if you wish. 

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The Best Career.

I have been lucky to practice Estate Law as an independent lawyer for 24 of the last 30 years.  This allowed me to spend extra time with my clients and know each one personally.  I have learned far more from my clients than I ever imagined, and it has made my life fuller, richer and more fulfilled in almost every way.  And while many clients have passed away, their kindness and shared life experiences will always be with me.

Important Information: Updated February 27, 2018.

Starting in July, 2017, I wrote to all of my clients explaining my retirement, my timeline and what clients should do.  I am not selling my practice. 

  • I have sent a final reminder to all clients who have not responded.
  • I am not accepting any appointments and can no longer provide in-office pickup of documents.
  • If you have questions or need something, please contact me by email or phone.


I am not providing any legal services, with the exception of the two Estates I am finishing.

How to Find a New Lawyer; Some Suggestions. 

While I know many good lawyers, there are very few that practice in the "smaller" format I have. The trend continues toward larger firms, so you will need to be comfortable with both a new lawyer, and very likely a different practice format.  In every case, selecting a lawyer and the practice format is a personal decision - the right answer is the one with which you are comfortable. You can find some help in finding a new lawyer here.

Questions You May Want to Ask.

I realize that changing lawyers can be challenging, and it is not always easy to know what to look for or ask.  Please see this link for questions to ask and how to interview a new lawyer.